31 March 2018

Do you suffer from backpain?

See our list of treatment options here:

Some treatment options may include:

  •  Joint mobilisation & manipulation
  •  Pain management - Advice on pain relief strategies
  •  Ice/Cold therapy
  •  Therapeutic Exercises
  •              o Stretching tight muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments
  •              o Core stability exercises to improve bracing muscles
  •              o Teaching and prescription of a home exercise program to assist in recovery and prevent re-occurrence
  •  Pelvic alignment techniques
  •  Soft tissue massage
  •  Dry needling acupuncture
  •  Muscle energy techniques
  •  Activity modification advice
  •  Biomechanical correction
  •  Ergonomic advice
  •  Massage
  •  Stretching
  •  A gradual return to activity program
For more infomation, see our back pain section of the website.


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